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LTCM Client 1.20

Control the content that you receive through this program
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The LTCM client is a unique program that allows you, the user, to control the content that you receive through this program. If you elect to receive information from a particular channel (manufacturer/business/service), the LTCM Client periodically checks a set of secure computer servers to see if content for that channel is available.

When new content is available, the information is pulled down from the server to your computer and is displayed in the LTCM client main window. Unlike an email client or web browser, the LTCM client communicates only with a predefined set of secure servers, so no viruses, worms, spyware or other potentially harmful content is passed to your computer.

You can change your channel subscription preferences at any time. To do so, push the settings button on the main screen and switch to the Subscriptions tab. You will see a list of channels from which you can receive content. When you click on any channel, you will see available "topics" (sub-channels) within that channel. Simply check the checkbox to subscribe to the topics of your choice, or uncheck the checkboxes next to any topics you are not interested in.

You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from all topics in a channel at once by using the checkboxes next to the channel names. When you unsubscribe from a channel, messages that have already been downloaded for that channel will not be deleted, but no new messages will be delivered for that channel.

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